How pHeet can help Eczema

Why pHeet for Eczema

  • No one is born with eczema or dry skin
  • Environment impacts skin pH
  • Restore skin pH
  • Solve Eczema 

Eczema is quite simple. Here is the logic. Skin needs moisture to protect and stay soft. No one is born with eczema. When it gets dry, not only do you need to treat your skin with moisture, you need to remove the bacteria and fungus present in the cracks and dryness like rust on a car that lost it’s sheen. Painting over rust does not work. Moisturizer over germs does not work. It creates and endless cycle that is at best, time consuming, messy and not resolving.

pH Select approaches eczema from a scientific approach that is revolutionary and patent-pending. The select pH and formulation of pHeet wipes allows for an all-natural antibacterial and antifungal cleanse while allowing the skin to rehydrate naturally and restore its protective moisture barrier. The approach is solving eczema. Apply instead of itching. If started immediately, clinical cessation of eczema attacks have been prevented before being seen visually on skin. Reduction of skin lesions normally appear within 2-3 days with complete relief in 1-3 weeks. Uniquely, people with chronic lesions who use pHeet wipes at least twice a day for greater than two months have been able to decrease wipes or any skin moisturizers except for contact flare ups. Polar fleece, chlorine and excessive heat are still causative factors in eczema as soft and gentleas it is a silent eczema stimulator****

If reduction or worsening of symptoms occurs, discontinue.

pHeet and all pH Select are labelled as a cosmeceutical in that they improve the appearance of skin. Other uses including disease prevention are hypotheses and cannot be proven without years of scientific research. This research has started and applications and correspondence have been initiated for scientific grants with the National Eczema Foundation and well as other health-related foundations.

The inventor of this product is a surgeon with eczema. He had his hopes for cures of eczema shattered. He did not cure eczema. He believes he solved the issues for over 90% of people suffering from eczema. His only fear is that someone with eczema will not benefit from his invention and think that it is another gimmick. We have over two years of recurrent sales to the eczema population with the best reported improvement of their condition after years of prescription medicine. We delight in hearing success stories from prolonged use of the wipes as we sympathize with people who have suffered chronically for years.

Twenty years of research, 10 years of clinical trials and no reported side effects allows the researchers at pH Select to make this hypothesis. The select patent pending pH level not only cleans and disinfects skin at a microscopic level, it hydrates the skin as well. Our wipes do this naturally, without alcohol and it is paraben free. Our wipes do this by cleansing the skin of bacteria and fungus that moisturizers do not. By cleansing the skin of these pathogens with an acidic formulation in line with skin, the natural acid moisture layer is restored.