Stay Balanced

Let's take care of our hard working feet.

They are the strong foundation that keeps our body supported throughout the day. Keeping pH balanced keeps our feet healthy, protects the acid mantle of the foot and helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus.

The acid mantle is the critical outer layer of the skin that acts as a barrier protecting us from harmful pollutants, environmental and household irritants, astringent cleaners and harsh beauty products. A healthy skin pH protects our feet and discourages the growth of bacteria and fungus. Constant exposure to destructive elements stresses the acid mantle changing the natural pH of the skin. The resulting alkalization knocks the protective barrier out of balance creating inflammation causing many common skin conditions such as dermatitis and other atopic skin conditions. Regular use of pHeet® pH specific foot wipes can keep the acid mantle healthy and balanced.


Who Needs pHeet® wipes?

Are you an athlete? Do you wear boots? Do your feet sweat excessively? Do you have strong foot odor? Do you wear flip-flops, sandals or open toe shoes? Are your feet getting dryer as you age? Are you exposed to moist environments, chemicals or agents?

Our feet are sensitive. Keeping them confined in shoes or warm boots all day creates moisture which can promote the growth of fungus. The sweat trapped in athletic shoes and boots creates an environment ripe for the growth of bacteria and fungus. pHeet® wipes are an effective and efficient method of treating and preventing infection while cleaning, deodorizing and moisturizing feet.

Regular exposure to astringent cleaners and soaps, or a dry environment can raise the pH level of the acid mantel creating dry, flaking or cracked feet. Under these conditions, fungus can easily flourish and spread and is difficult to control once it enters through deep cracks. pHeet® wipes restore the natural pH of the feet making it difficult for fungus or other bacteria to survive.

Wearing flip-flops and open toe shoes leaves your feet vulnerable to the elements. Without socks to protect them, your feet are exposed to higher levels of environmental contaminants. pHeet® wipes thoroughly clean and refresh feet while replenishing moisture. Dry or smelly feet can be caused by the disruption of the acid mantle. pHeet® wipes restore the natural pH of the foot and reduce the excess buildup of bacteria which contributes to offensive foot odor.

Feet naturally become dryer as we age. The exotic essential oils in pHeet® wipes cleanse feet and gently rehydrate and soften skin.

 pHeet® wipes are designed for daily use at bedtime or after exercise or strenuous activity to keep your feet healthy, clean and infection free.

Treat your feet like you treat your teeth.

Make pHeet® wipes a part of your nightly routine.


Precautions of usage:

Most skin conditions will start to show improvements within 2-5 days of use. More serious, pre-existing conditions may worsen before showing signs of improvement as skin cells take 2-3 weeks to rejuvenate. Your podiatrist may also need to prescribe medication in these cases. In the absence of strong discomfort such as burning or serve irritation, continued use is recommended and results will become visible within 14-21 days.

Warning: pHeet® wipes are intended for external use only. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to face or other sensitive skin. Do not apply to open wounds. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Not intended for use by children under the age of 12 or by pregnant women without podiatrist consent.