Why pH Select ®

The SELECT pH LEVEL will restore your SKINS NATURAL pH

  • Our skin is acidic
  • This acid protects our skin
  • Environment and toxins reduce this acid
  • We restored the acid
  • We rebalanced the skin
  • The results are extraordinary

We advise that using pHeet daily like brushing your teeth will prevent infections like fungal toenails which are essentially cavities in your toenails.

Think of wiping with pHeet as a daily habit, like brushing your teeth, washing your hands, and other healthy daily grooming tasks you will realize that having healthy feet will give you a strong foundation.

We believe that if every household had pHeet, even if they do not have soap, there will be a lower rate of emergency room visits and that families would save billions on healthcare costs from simple skin rashes and irritations to possible prevention of extremely severe complications of simple cellulitis infections that potentially worsen to diabetic foot infections and amputations.